The feature-rich KOYO® 303TS is designed and built in Japan to provide a versatile and nuanced massage experience with maximum performance and dependability. Its 4D massage mechanism with anthropoid silicone massage heads faithfully replicates the feel and movements of a Japanese massage master’s hands.


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Calf & Low Back Heat

Soothing infrared heat complements the therapeutic calf and low back massage, loosening tight muscles aiding in relaxation.

Full Body Air Massage (arm, shoulder, feet, leg, seat)

Strategically placed air cells provide relief to your feet, calves, thighs, hamstrings, arms, hands, and shoulders.


The KOYO® hybrid SL-track combines the benefits of a traditional L-track’s broad body coverage and zero gravity recline, with the addition of a curved S shape that conforms more closely to the contours of your body, allowing for a more precise massage.

Auto Body Scan

KOYO® chairs provide a personalized massage experience by beginning each session with an automatic body scan, allowing the 4D massage mechanism to tailor its movements to each part of your body.

4D Massage Mechanism with Anthropoid Silicone Massage Heads and Precision Brushless Motor

The KOYO® 4D massage mechanism is programmed to mobilize your spine, relax your mind, and help you recover from the stresses and strains of your day. With carefully designed kneading, tapping, rolling, and pressing movements, it improves blood flow and soothes tired muscles. Its varying speed capability and pliable silicon massage heads make the massage feel like human hands on your back. The precision brushless motor provides accurate speed control and extra-quiet operation.

Zero Gravity

With the push of a button, enter the rejuvenative and deeply relaxing zero gravity recline position. Improve blood circulation, breathe easier and deeper, and alleviate pressure on your joints and spine.

Bluetooth Sound System

Drift off to your favorite classical piece. Energize with some hard-driving rock ‘n’ roll. Or listen to a peaceful nature soundtrack. Just sync your smart device to the chair, and your soundtrack will be as personalized as your massage.

Foot Rollers

Thoughtfully-shaped foot rollers rub, roll, and squeeze your tired and sore feet. Working in concert with the foot air massage cells, KOYO’s® foot rollers encourage blood flow, work muscles, and mobilize your entire foot.

Super-Simple Touch Screen Remote

Life is stressful enough. Your massage chair remote shouldn’t be. We have designed the KOYO 303TS remote to be simple to learn to use. In just minutes, anyone can learn to control the full functionality of the chair. Menus are clear. Buttons are big. This touchscreen remote is dazzling in its simplicity.

Fingertip Control Dial

This simple tactile control located at the fingertips of your left hand allows for instant and intuitive personalized adjustments to the feel of your massage, without having to open an eyelid.


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